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Asana & Pranayama: Embarking on the Inner Quest
to Jan 21

Asana & Pranayama: Embarking on the Inner Quest

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This weekend workshop with Carolyn Belko will provide principles required to establish a regular practice of pranayama, or to enhance an existing one. Asana will be taught in a way to complement pranayama practice.

A firm foundation of the practice of asana is required. 9 months or more regular practice of Iyengar Yoga is also required. 

  • Teacher Module* Friday 2-5pm: $90
  • Friday Class 6-8pm: $60
  • Saturday/Sunday Class 2-5pm: $90 each day

*Teacher Module: Principles of teaching Pranayama

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The Expansion and Inner Depth of Backbends with Carolyn Belko
to Oct 29

The Expansion and Inner Depth of Backbends with Carolyn Belko

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We all know that a backbend practice uplifts one to a smile! This weekend we will explore the expansion and inner depth of backbends. The poses as well as the poise will be experienced. A full range of asana will be practiced to build, prepare and return from Purva Pratana Stithi thru the art of sequencing. The pace will be steady and gradual enhancing your understanding of the grand method of Iyengar yoga In your life.

Teacher Education: Last year Carolyn guided us in the approach of the art of adjustments for specific groups of poses. The teachers have asked for more … This hands on experiential workshop is designed to give you understanding and experience of the methodology of adjustments building confidence and know how in application. Coming from inner knowledge versus the head is the objective.

2-5pm Teacher Education Module: Art of Adjustments
6-8pm class

Saturday & Sunday

Full workshop, including Teaching Module
$240 member/ $300 non member
Full workshop without the Teachers Module
$175 member/ $215 non member

Teaching Module Only - $90

Drop In (Sat or Sun only) - $90

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to Jun 11

Twists and Where They May Lead

Friday 6 – 8 pm
Sat 1 – 5 pm
Sun 1 – 5 pm

Twisting asana can be used to open the body for both back extensions and forward extensions. They also bring our mind out of the past and future and into the present moment. They change our perspective and challenge us. The twisting action purifies and tones our organic body, increasing vitality and the healthy function of our organs.

Join Carolyn for a weekend of exploring twisting postures as a means for unlocking the body, mind and spirit/consciousness. In each session we will use twists to explore all categories of poses including standing, seating, back extensions, forward extensions, inversions and abdominals.

Open to students with at least 6 months experience practicing Iyengar Yoga

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